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Exxon Mobil Corporation is one of the seven companies to watch for share buybacks. This indicates that the company is planning to repurchase its own shares, which could potentially boost its stock price.

Business Overview

As an investment analyst, Exxon Mobil Corporation's business model can be understood as follows: 1. Exploration and Production: Exxon Mobil is primarily engaged in the exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas reserves. The company invests heavily in research and technology to identify and extract hydrocarbon resources from various locations around the world. This segment contributes to the company's revenue through the sale of crude oil, natural gas, and other related products. 2. Refining and Marketing: Exxon Mobil ...

Yahoo - Business Overview

Exxon Mobil Corporation engages in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas in the United States and internationally. It operates through Upstream, Energy Products, Chemical Products, and Specialty Products segments. The Upstream segment explores for and produces crude oil and natural gas. The Energy Products segment offers fuels, aromatics, and catalysts, as well as licensing services. The Chemical Products segment manufactures and markets petrochemicals including olefins, polyolefins, and intermediates. The Specialty ...

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Flags & Key Risks
  • Fluctuations in oil prices can significantly impact the profitability of Exxon Mobil Corporation. As a company heavily dependent on the oil and gas industry, any decrease in oil prices can lead to lower revenues and profits.
  • Environmental concerns and regulations pose a risk to Exxon Mobil's operations. The company's activities in extracting and refining fossil fuels can lead to negative environmental impacts, and stricter regulations can increase compliance costs and limit future growth opportunities.
  • Competition from alternative energy sources is a growing risk for Exxon Mobil. As the world shifts towards renewable energy, the demand for fossil fuels may decline, affecting the company's long-term growth prospects.
  • Political and geopolitical risks can impact Exxon Mobil's operations. Changes in government policies, trade disputes, and conflicts in oil-producing regions can disrupt the company's supply chain and access to key markets.
  • Changes in global economic conditions can affect Exxon Mobil's business. Economic downturns can lead to reduced demand for oil and gas products, impacting the company's revenues and profitability.

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Thesis for Exxon Mobil Corporation Common Stock


Exxon Mobil Corporation is well-positioned to benefit from the global energy transition towards cleaner fuels and renewable energy sources. The company has a strong balance sheet and extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, which gives it a compe ...


Exxon Mobil Corporation faces both opportunities and challenges in the current energy market. While the company has a strong presence in the oil and gas industry, it also needs to adapt to the increasing demand for renewable energy sources. The success ...


Exxon Mobil Corporation is facing significant headwinds in the energy market. The increasing focus on renewable energy sources and the global push towards decarbonization could negatively impact the demand for fossil fuels, which is the core business of ...

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