What we are looking for-

Great creators

Yes. That's you. If you are able to understand what's going on in the markets and put that knowledge to good use by creating easy-to-digest insights that benefit the community.

What is in it

for you?

Many easy ways to monetize your content

Share-based earnings

No need to ask readers/viewers for payment. Every interaction with your content counts towards the share distribution.

Omni-chain treasury

We are running Stakepools and validator nodes for Cardano and Solana and will be using these for the rewards payouts to you. Simple select your preferred currency for the payout. Done!

Customized tooling for you

To make it easy for you to create content and engage with relevant voices in the community we have made it REALLY easy to be up-to-date with the markets.
Two words: Investible Tokens!

Share distribution?

Yes, actions on your content counts towards your overall awarded shares.

This is how this works

how it works


Market Cap


USD Price


Total Supply


Available Supply

50 ADA

per Epoch*

based on avg contribution

Example calculation Cardano

With each epoch end, the Cardano treasury is distributing rewards to the stake pools who then distribute these rewards to their stakers. Some points that will help you understand the earnings model better

Creator Quality

On finclout the quality, as evalutated by it's users matters.

  • - Mods upvote your post
  • - Mods recommend your post
  • - Mods share your post
Network Impact

The more people are using the app, the better for all our earnings.

  • - Consistency - Login regularly
  • - Referrals - You are inviting more people on the platform
  • - Invest - Buy creator token
  • - Premium - Buy premium to earn more