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What makes finclout better?

Personalized content discovery

Our AI-powered platform streamlines the research process, providing you with quality audiovisual information from trusted sources.

News in context

Financial news is everywhere, but understanding its impact on your investments can be a challenge.
Stay ahead with contextualized financial news.

Build for communities

Join our community of like-minded investors and earn rewards for your valuable insights, questions, and answers. Be part of our DAO.

Start making informed decisions now

Stay ahead of the curve with our up-to-date and comprehensive content platform. Say goodbye to outdated news and hello to a seamless investment experience. Our platform augments every post with the latest social, qualitative, and quantitative information, ensuring you have access to the most accurate data. Effortlessly syndicate your content across multiple channels and stay on top of the retail investing game.

  1. We listen on social platforms to a panel of pre-vetted high-clout key opinion leaders.
  2. Our Hyperfocus AI tags, ranks, and categorizes insights to automatically match your Eigensocial needs.
  3. Easily digestible augmented audiovisual content is prepared so you can gain a deeper understanding quicker.
  4. Our smart community answers your questions and rewards you for insights.
  5. Earn revenue shares for participating on the platform

What is in it

for you?

Many easy ways to monetize your content

Content-focused toolchain

To make it easy for you to discvoer new content and engage with relevant voices in the community we have made it REALLY easy for you to stay up-to-date with the markets.

Omni-chain treasury

We are running Stakepools and validator nodes for Cardano and Solana and will be using these for the rewards payouts to you. Simple select your preferred currency for the payout. Done!

Share-based earnings

No need to ask readers/viewers for payment. Every interaction with your content counts towards the share distribution.

Share distribution?

You actions and your content counts towards your overall awarded shares.


Market Cap


USD Price


Total Supply


Available Supply

50 ADA

per Epoch*

based on avg contribution

Example calculation Cardano

With each epoch end, the Cardano treasury is distributing rewards to the stake pools who then distribute these rewards to their stakers. Some points that will help you understand the earnings model better

Creator Quality

On finclout the quality, as evalutated by it's users matters.

  • - Mods upvote your post
  • - Mods recommend your post
  • - Mods share your post
Network Impact

The more people are using the app, the better for all our earnings.

  • - Consistency - Login regularly
  • - Referrals - You are inviting more people on the platform
  • - Invest - Buy creator token
  • - Premium - Buy premium to earn more


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Frequently Asked Question

Want to know more?

Finclout is a new type of financial social network that intersects retail investing, crypto technology, and creator economy and is build on top of the Solana, Cardano, Banano, and DeSo (formerly bitclout) blockchain.

We realized that information on the internet is valuable, but it is difficult to extract the right information for investing.Especially, retail investors are relying increasingly on social information for their trading. Finclout allows these investors to get paid to receive better financial information..

No. It is free to post and comment on content in finclout. However you can earn if you do!

Earning money on the finclout platform is easy.

  1. Completing tasks like answering questions adressed to you generates work shares.
  2. Post high-quality due-dilligence and analysises generates shares and also makes you eligiblefor giftin.
  3. Be a value-adding member of the community.

Finclout matches your expertise with interesting community posts, news articles, and other creators on the platform. We do not sell your user information to 3rd parties.

A share is a unit of work which makes you eligible for a reward distribution from the stakepool.

All payments will go to a wallet that you already own. No withdrawal from finclout is needed.

All social elements are similar to existing social networks. So if you can navigate them, you can navigate finclout.

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