Invest in what the Internet is talking about.
Peer reviewed.

Read what matters in

financial markets

Earn crypto by staying up-to-date with the markets.

Reduce social noise

Finclout is a Web3 social+ fintech platform. Using a no-fomo, non-engagement driven design, we are building a community that values better information.

Build financial clout

All of us have different investment profiles, theories, and portfolios. You can improve your knowledge and earn more by investing in the right content.

Be the contrarian investor.

Don’t agree with someone’s opinion? Don’t downvote. Write an anti-thesis and gain the right to earn extra. Low-effort posts are actively discouraged.

AI-driven matches

Connect with people who matter. Our engine helps match your expertise with relevant news and people for deeper insights.

Access Premium Content

Get access to special events, meetings, and conversations. Coin holding requirements reduce spam for content creators.

Crypto in all the right places

Join a financial wisdom metaverse that is faster, cheaper, and better for the environment. Hook up a supported wallet and you are ready to earn.

DAO-like business model-

Everybody is a mod

We believe that incentivized and anonymous community moderated and curated content provides platform users with higher quality content compared to traditional social networks.
By evaluating, answering, and working with these posts, questions, and opportunities, you can earn crypto currency on the platform.

Peer-reviewed performance measurements-

Earn by providing high-clout content

Peer-reviewed financial “clout” provides transparency about your expertise to the community. We are building a middle class of creators where you can provide premium content to your followers.

We work with these projects

to build the future of retail investing. The principal currency of the platform at launch will be Cardano

Social+ retail investing

Surveillance free, ad-free, and bot-free. The wisdome of a thousand hedge-fund managers at your fingertips.

  • Hyper-personalization
  • Ask the Community
  • Invest in amazing creators
  • Automated data augmentation
  • Social Information Arbitrage
  • Premium content

Frequently Asked Question

Want to know more?

Finclout is a new type of financial social network that intersects retail investing, crypto technology, and creator economy and is build on top of the Solana, Cardano, Banano, and DeSo (formerly bitclout) blockchain.

We realized that information on the internet is valuable, but it is difficult to extract the right information for investing.Especially, retail investors are relying increasingly on social information for their trading. Finclout allows these investors to get paid to receive better financial information..

No. It is free to post and comment on content in finclout. However you can earn if you do!

Earning money on the finclout platform is easy.

  1. Completing tasks like answering questions adressed to you generates work shares.
  2. Post high-quality due-dilligence and analysises generates shares and also makes you eligiblefor giftin.
  3. Be a value-adding member of the community.

Finclout matches your expertise with interesting community posts, news articles, and other creators on the platform. We do not sell your user information to 3rd parties.

A share is a unit of work which makes you eligible for a reward distribution from the stakepool.

All payments will go to a wallet that you already own. No withdrawal from finclout is needed.

All social elements are similar to existing social networks. So if you can navigate them, you can navigate finclout.

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